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Apple accused of selling refurbished iPhones as new in China


Apple may be facing yet another lawsuit, but this one does not involve patents or location-sharing. The Cupertino company is being sued by six Beijing residents who claim Apple sold them a refurbished iPhone as new.

These six customers bought their phones at both Apple Stores and at authorized retailers in the Beijing area. Two customers checked their warranty terms and were shocked to discover the warranty was less than the standard year. They returned to the store and were not satisfied when the sales people offered only to replace their phones and not any extra compensation.

The disgruntled pair contacted lawyer Wang Hai, a consumer advocate known for fighting against counterfeit goods. They were quickly joined by four other customers who had a similar experience with their iPhones. Wang Hai is inviting other customers with a receipt to join the lawsuit. The affected customers are asking for twice the price they originally paid for the phone, full payment of their legal fees and an apology from Apple.

Though it's hard to believe, this practice may be occurring in Beijing and other parts of China. A report from the Guangzhou Daily suggests refurbished iPhones are being sold in stores throughout the region. Presumably against Apple policy, employees are reportedly cleaning up display models and returned phones and re-selling them as new.

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