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Defiance drops in new screenshots, artwork


Hot off the press from Gamescom 2011, we bring you a new round of screenshots from the upcoming collaboration between Trion Worlds and SyFy, Defiance.

For those of you not up to speed on what exactly Defiance is aiming to be, here's a crash-course. Defiance is set to be the first-ever collaborative effort between an MMO and a TV-show, with actions occurring in each influencing the story of the other. Players will be put in the shoes of the citizens of San Francisco Bay Area, while the TV show takes place in and around St. Louis. Earth is under attack by a mysterious breed of aliens who are looking to terraform Earth until it suits their own needs, and of course this means that all humans must die. Humanity isn't just going to take that sitting down, though, and it's up to players to fight off the alien hordes and reclaim their planet.

Savvy? Great. Now hit the gallery below (and if you're new to the Defiance scene, go check out the trailer) for some new screenshots of this innovative title and prepare yourself to fight for the planet. That, or die trying.

Gallery: Defiance core gallery | 14 Photos

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