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HP unveils 64GB TouchPad, spurns America (and freedom)


Guess it's official, yanks: HP loves the old continent more than you. A mere 24 hours after beginning sales of the Pre 3 -- still unavailable to US folk -- comes wind of another treat for residents of the EU. Making an appearance on HP's French website is a 64GB permutation of the WiFi TouchPad, which curiously makes do with the faster 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon we first saw in its 4G brother. The supercharged variant will set Europeans back €599 (or roughly $860 including tax) and will also be available in "lacquer white," when it ships in "one to two weeks." Will the company have the audacity to launch another Euro-first device tomorrow? It won't take long to find out, but in hindsight, July's leaked memo is looking pretty legitimate right about now.

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