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iFixit introduces Dozuki, to provide and share crowdsourced service and repair manuals


iFixit is, of course, the great upgrade and repair community with all kinds of step-by-step instructions for Macs, iPods, iPhones, and almost any other devices you happen to have, Apple or otherwise. Now, the company has introduced a new release called Dozuki, which is designed to make sharing and providing manuals for service or repair even easier. Dozuki is still in a closed beta, but the idea as we understand it is that users will be able to create and share manuals via PDF across all of iFixit's outlets, including the official iOS app. Guidebook is the side of the platform that will deal with documents, while Answers will share questions and their answers with whoever needs them.

Both sides of the software are currently in a private beta, which you can sign up for on the website. Dozuki is set to launch to the public later on this fall.

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