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Lord of the Rings Online offers a new design diary on the Captain

Eliot Lefebvre

Oh Captain, our Captain, your fearful balancing is done. Well, not quite, but there is a new round of balancing and changes incoming for the captain in Lord of the Rings Online. The release of Rise of Isengard will see a new slew of balance updates, with the chief ones outlined in the new development diary for players to examine. The class presents a unique challenge, as it's one of the most hybrid classes in the entire game, capable of performing a variety of roles as well as providing excellent all-around buffs.

As the diary explains, the one aspect of the class that development didn't want to touch was the all-around buffing utility, which properly needed to remain something that the class could access regardless of focus. Instead, the biggest changes to the class come in the Leader of Men trait line, with the Captain's tanking and defensive capabilities being significantly improved for just that purpose. Along with some quality-of-life buffs, it should be a good time to be a Captain once the game's newest expansion touches down.

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