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Transition details for Champions Online, Star Trek Online


Last week, we reported that F2P giant Perfect World Entertainment completed its acquisition of Cryptic Studios, having spent just under $50 million to seal the deal. Today, entries on the Champions Online and Star Trek Online websites announce that Cryptic is "now a wholly owned subsidiary of Perfect World Entertainment," and they outline certain changes coming to both games as a result. The posted transition FAQs include additional details on the status of Cryptic Points, the C-Store, account and support services, and privacy issues. Cryptic and PWE also reiterate that lifetime subscriptions will continue to be honored for the full duration of both games.

Of particular note to current players is the response to the question about dev team size:
There are no plans to change the development team on any of our titles. If anything, we plan on increasing the number of team members to serve you better.
Finally, the FAQ notes that work on Neverwinter continues as planned.

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