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Apple misrepresents Galaxy S phone in Dutch filing


Apple filed a lawsuit against Samsung in the Netherlands claiming the Galaxy S too closely resembles the iPhone. Unfortunately, the evidence submitted in the case appears to misrepresent the Galaxy S handset. In an image provided by Apple in the filing, the Samsung Galaxy S smartphone is the same size and shape as the iPhone 3G. The shipping version of the Galaxy S, though, is taller and slightly thinner than the iPhone.

This is the second faux pas that Apple has made in a legal filing. Earlier this week, it was discovered that the images of the Galaxy Tab Apple provided to a German court did not accurately represent the device. In light of this revelation, the German court temporarily relaxed the ban on the sale of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the EU. As of the writing of the post, neither the Netherlands court, Apple nor Samsung has commented on this discrepancy.

[Via PC World]

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