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Exclusive: Referee Ruby makes friends in Free Realms


Not everyone can be Referee Ruby, but everyone can make friends in Free Realms, or so says today's exclusive video from Sony Online Entertainment. Ruby is back with tips on how players young and old can win friends and influence people in the free-to-play MMO. Mind your manners and don't be a jerk, she says (a simple lesson ignored by too many gamers), but above all else, get a boombox with the hottest tunes, trick out an awesome house for entertaining, and throw a party -- because everyone loves a party. Naturally, the very best party supplies and structures are purchased in the Free Realms cash shop, and Ruby shows viewers how it's done. Hey, no one said friendship was cheap!

Grab your favorite boombox and hit the break to see Free Realms' Making Friends video in full.

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