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First, fake Apple Stores. Now, fake Steve Jobs biography.


First fake Apple Stores, now China has fake Steve Jobs biographies. The fake biography's title roughly translates to Steve Jobs Gives 11 Advices To Teenager in English and its author is a man who goes by the name "John Cage." MicGadget says the fake bio first went on sale at Taiwanese bookseller KingStone in April and has already sold 4,000 copies earning US$39,000 in profit.

The official Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson launches on November 21st. There's no assertions that this is a stolen and translated copy of Isaacson's manuscript, rather its likely the content of the book is assembled from previously printed information about Jobs. TechCrunch also suggests that the title could imply that the material was translated from Steve Jobs' Stanford commencement speech.

Until the book is pulled by Apple legal it can be purchased for US$8.10 here.

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