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Gamescom 2011: Get an eyeful of Trion's promo reel


One of the cool parts of visiting any video game convention is to check out all of the trailers blasting over each booth. A good trailer not only raises goosebumps but conveys crucial information about the game in a short span of time: the game's tone, genre, playstyle, graphics, lore, and ability to have a bad-ass hero fall from a great height to land on one knee with a fist on the ground.

We've gotten ahold of some of the visual goodies Trion Worlds has been showing at its booth this week at Gamescom, highlighting both RIFT and End of Nations. The promo reel, which you can watch after the jump, begins with a combination of RIFT's cinematics and in-game footage. Then, around the 10-minute mark, the video shifts focus to the upcoming free-to-play End of Nations, ending with an interview with some of the devs. Unfortunately for non-German speakers, all but the interview may be linguistically inaccessible to your ears, but you should be able to follow along just fine.

We also have several new official RIFT screenshots to show you, just in case you haven't gotten enough of this rip-roaring title!

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