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Street Fighter X Tekken set for 'Spring 2012' with 'totally upgraded online'

Street Fighter X Tekken, you had us at "farting bears." Depending on your partiality to ursine flatulence, you may or may not agree, but a recent Capcom fact sheet provides some additional details. First, Street Fighter X Tekken will not only include the "online features from Super Street Fighter IV," but it also "features totally upgraded online functionality and some new surprises." We'll be honest, the bear farts surprised us a little.

The fact sheet also drops a "Spring 2012" release window. The last window we had broadly indicated a fiscal 2011 release, which would mean no later than March of next year. With "spring" being generally agreed upon as March 20/21, in line with the vernal equinox, and fiscal 2011 ending March 31, 2012, we're putting everything we own on Tuesday, March 27. You can practically take this to the bank.

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