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Energizer travel charger powers your Mac, iPhone, and iPad ... all at once


I often travel with more than a few Apple devices, all of which usually need power at some point during the day, so the idea of this one intrigues me a lot, obviously. Energizer (the bunny people) is releasing a brand new travel charger that, as you can see above, goes industrial on charging your devices. not only does it expand an outlet into three, but there's a built-in iPhone dock, and even a USB charger to plug into on the side. That's some serious charge.

I'm sure if you plugged charging units into everything on the iSurge, you might run the risk of pulling off too much power -- especially if the outlet isn't set up right, it's hard to see how this wouldn't cause problems. Still, that's a handy little unit, even if you do end up using all of the various outlets at different times. The charger is indeed called the iSurge, and is set to be sold for $60 by the end of the year.

[via Wired]

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