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Apple eclipses Lenovo's sales in emerging Chinese market


As if Apple needed further incentive to take a victory lap around its billion dollar war chest, the company can now add greater China to its list of top performing markets. According to the Financial Times, Apple's third quarter China sales outstripped Lenovo's $2.8 billion first quarter results, racking up a commanding $3.8 billion lead in the PC maker's own backyard. Lenovo's CEO, Yang Yuanqing, was quick to dismiss the 'apples to oranges' financial comparison, citing his company's inability to compete in the mobile phone segment, and continued strong focus on personal computing. For what it's worth, Lenovo does separate out both Hong Kong and Taiwan sales from its mainland report, putting the company on unequal footing with Cupertino which includes the two markets in its total Chinese earnings. Still, Lenovo has plenty of reason to keep its chin up. It does, after all, have that dominating 31.7 percent market share to lord over Mr. Steve Jobs.

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