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Dev Juice: Help me generate unique identifiers


Dear Dev Juice,

Can you help me generate a unique identifier for my iOS apps? I don't want to rely on using UDIDs anymore. I'd say why but then you'd have to shoot me.


Dear Watm-ever

That sounds dire. Let's avoid the violence and focus on the Core Foundation. Here you go. If you're not using ARC, then you'll need to autorelease uuidString rather than bridging.

You'll probably want to store your new ids into the keychain to allow them to persist.

Happy developing.

Update: Readers ask if this approach will persist between application reinstalls. Yes, as I originally posted, it will if you use the keychain. It will not persist with system re-installs if the keychain is wiped and not restored from a backup. Can you use the MAC address, yes -- but it looks as if Apple wants you to stay away from device-specific information.

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