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Breakfast Topic: World of Prankcraft

Nico Deyo

As I flew through the air with the aerobatic ease of a football, I began to reflect on what choices I had made in my short time in the World of Warcraft. What had led me to this fate? Was it my stubborn tenacity? My ambition? A thirst for glory?

Nay. It was the priests in my raid having very little scruples and all the Dispels they could keybind to their bars on the Volcanus fight inside of Firelands. For those not in the know, Volcanus is a special boss that you summon when you are on the quest chain for the legendary staff Dragonwrath. Part of the fight requires having fiery roots dispelled off of the raid in order to continue fighting a giant flaming tree -- but do this too early and you will get punted into the air, sailing gracefully into the hot, steamy emptiness underneath Firelands. Did this happen to anyone else? No, some priest saw fit just to do this to me, a pitiful gnome mage. (Thankfully, it was no match for my Blink-and-Evocate one-two punch!)

Which brings me to my question, dear readers: Have you ever been on the butt-end of a dumb prank? Or were you the one who logged onto your friend's character and left him stranded with no gear and no hearthstone in an enemy town?

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