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EVE is Real contests open for voting

Jef Reahard

EVE is Real has been online for a few weeks now, and CCP is ramping up the publicity machine in order to highlight what it's billing as a "memory museum" for its 8-year old sci-fi sandbox. Yep, EVE Online really has been around since 2003, and that's plenty of time to accumulate tons of images and video footage, some 4,000 examples of which are now viewable on the EVE is Real website.

Aside from ogling all the internet spaceships, visitors to the site can also get in on the voting to determine the best of the best when it comes to capturing stills and making movies in New Eden. Users may vote for one image and one video prize each day, and winners will receive one of 20 video cards (for the image category) and one high-end Dell PC (for the video category). Voting runs through September 1st, so lay in a course for the EVE is Real website today!

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