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Miramax offers video rental via Facebook with iPad support


Miramax is kicking off a movie rental service that'll let you rent movies on Facebook. The Miramax eXperience app is a Facebook app that lets you browse through a starter catalog of twenty movies in the U.S. (10 in the UK and Turkey). Additional movies will be added in September.

Each rental costs 30 Facebook credits (about US$3) and must be watched within 30 days of payment. Once the movie is started, you have 48 hours to finish it. There's also a social gaming component that lets you cast your friends in different roles of select movies.

Besides Facebook, Miramax rentals can be watched on the iPad and on a Google TV. The iPad app is not a native iOS app, but a web-based Facebook app that has been optimized for the iPad. You can check it out here using Safari on your iPad.

[Via Electronista]

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