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Quarrel brings verbal warfare to iOS on Aug. 25


We've been looking forward to Denki's word game/war game mashup, Quarrel, for a long time, even long before playing it at E3 this year. Finally, after years of uncertainty about the game's fate, developer Denki announced a release date (for the iOS version at least) and it's this Thursday. Publisher Ignition confirmed to Joystiq that the date applies to North America, and not just the game's native European territory.

Quarrel will be released as a universal (iPhone/iPad) app. Two versions will be available on the App Store, a free game called Quarrel and a paid version called Quarrel Deluxe. "Quarrel caters to those who are new to our lovely word game or otherwise want to try it before buying it," the developer explains. "If the trial pleases you and your budding interest turns into a real love for it, you can upgrade to the full Quarrel extravaganza within the app with one easy In-App Purchase." Quarrel Deluxe is simply the full version paid in advance.

Quarrel challenges two players to build the longest word out of a jumble of letters in order to capture territory on a map. Ignition also plans to release it on console download services later this year.

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