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Rumor: 3DS hardware redesign in the cards

Justin McElroy

With the recent 3DS price cuts, Nintendo has already proven it'll take drastic steps to kickstart the portable. According to a recent report, the system could soon be revamped with a second analog stick, a lessened focus on 3D as a gimmick and perhaps a new name. That's according to a source speaking to French site 01net.

According to the report, second-stick functionality would come in the form of a $10 add-on peripheral that's currently in development.'s source submits that the recent $80 drop serves a dual purpose of building interest in the system, but also cleaning out old stock. Now, assuming's report that the second stick is still at the R&D phase, it seems a bit early for a 3DS Uno fire sale, but we suppose stranger things have happened.

What's that? The whole thing sounds preposterous? Fair. But know that 01net recently reported accurately on the PS Vita and Wii U before they were public knowledge, so don't be too quick to dismiss it from consideration.

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