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Super Hero Squad Online teasing Villainville

Eliot Lefebvre

Super Hero Squad Online is sold on the strength of its characters, and up until now, it's been firmly on the heroic side of the equation. But Marvel Comics isn't limited to heroes like Spider-Man, Captain America, and Wolverine -- it's just as defined by villains like the Green Goblin, the Red Skull, and Sabretooth. So while we might not yet have much in the way of information, it's a good thing to see that the game has an incoming addition in the form of Villainville.

As of yet, the designers haven't released any information beyond the name of the locale -- whether it will be a new area for heroes to fight against their nemeses or a chance for players to take on the role of said nemeses is yet to be seen. Even so, if you appreciate the game's more kid-friendly approach to the Marvel universe, there's reason to be excited at the prospect of some home ground for the villains as well.

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