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World of Warcraft Mobile Armory updated to version 3.1.0

Alex Ziebart

The World of Warcraft Mobile Armory for iPhone was updated earlier today to version 3.1.0. The update adds improved mobile auction house functionality, visual tooltips in chat, additional guild features, and other general quality-of-life improvements to bring the mobile app up to par with's latest web interface and expected on-the-go functionality.

The mobile app, the web interface, and World of Warcraft's built-in UI all seem to be continuously competing with each other to push the capabilities of WoW's virtual marketplace while simultaneously struggling to keep up with each other. It should be interesting to see how the other two platforms follow up on this app update.

You can view the full patch notes behind the cut below.

What's New in Version 3.1.0
* Automatic price undercutting: Set the default buyout price of your auctions to match or undercut the current lowest buyout price for an item.
* Aggregated buyout search results: Multiple auctions posted at the same buyout price can now be viewed as a single group.
* Support for the following Guild features: Level, Perks, Rewards, Achievements, News, Events, and MotD.
* Links to items and achievements received in Remote Guild Chat now link to those sections in the app.
* Links to enchants, quests, abilities, talents, and professions received in Remote Guild Chat now display tool tips.
* Improved search technology.
* Search now suggests terms based on previous searches.
* Updated calendar events presentation.
* A character's talents & glyphs now display on the same page.
* Leaderboard has been removed.
* Realm firsts will no longer appear in the activity feed.
* Bookmarks are now saved locally instead of on the server. All old bookmarks will be lost.
* Various bug fixes

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