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Engadget's NYC Reader Meetup happens August 25!

Tim Stevens

We know... this can be something of a sad time. Seasons changing, vacations ending, schools opening, and days shortening. But don't be down, dear reader, because we have a heck of a party planned, only a day away. The NYC Engadget Reader Meetup is Thursday, August 25, it's totally free, and you're invited.

We've lined up an array of exhibitors to show their latest and greatest toys, including AT&T, Samsung, HTC, RIM, and Motorola. We'll also have an electric Mini Cooper to check out, a glasses-free 3D display from Magnetic 3D, a recharging lounge to refill your electronics, and snacks and desserts to refill your stomachs. AT&T will be bringing artist Matt Siren to do a live piece of art inspired by your stories, and we will of course have a massive pile of goodies to hand out from companies like iRobot, Western Digital, and Pioneer, plus a special giveaway you'll need a QR reader to win -- so don't forget those smartphones. (Not that you would.)

The party is at Guastavino's, which is located at 59th Street in New York City. Things will kick off at 6:30pm that night and run until 10:30pm. It's an all-ages event, but we can only manage 1,000 people in there at a time, and it's first-come first-served, so don't be late. Want to come? Just show up by 6:30! You don't need to pre-register.

We'll have a boatload of Engadget editors on hand fielding questions, good friends from Joystiq and TUAW will be in attendance, and we'll be doing a Q&A-focused live podcast (which we won't be able to broadcast, but look for the recording later). If you're a member of the media who would like to attend, please e-mail us at meetup at engadget dot com. Everybody else, get ready to party, and if you want to share with your friends the Facebook event is here.

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