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Logitech announces fold-up keyboard and suction cup joystick for iPad


Better late than never, I guess -- Logitech is finally entering the fray of devices for Apple's iPad tablet with two new units coming out next month. First up is a foldable keyboard, similar to the company's other input devices, but meant to work directly with the iPad. There's a stand to hold the device, it charges up via USB, and it works right alongside other iPad accessories, like Apple's own smart cover. The keyboard's pretty nice, actually, and it retails for $130.

But the other one is a little more interesting -- it's a stick-on joystick for the iPad, designed to be used with virtual joystick games. As you might have already noticed, it's extremely similar to the other offerings out there, specifically Ten One Design's Fling joystick. In fact, if Logitech hasn't made a deal with Ten One, I'd argue that it's almost actionable -- it's practically the same design, only with a Logitech logo bolted on the side. They're selling at around the same price, $19.99 for one (though Ten One offers two Flings for $29.95).

It's worth noting as well that ThinkGeek has its own joystick for the iPad. It's not the same design as these, but it's a little more traditional, and still works pretty well. So now there's quite a few options if you want a little more feedback from your virtual joystick games.

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