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New Faraway video trailer, game coming to PAX


After an extended wait, here's some news on Steph Thirion's long-awaited iOS title, Faraway. I played it at GDC last year, and it's won several awards since then. Thirion then worked to refine and update the gameplay. It looks like he's satisfied, because a brand new, amazing Faraway trailer posted on the official website. Thirion says the game will be playable at PAX in Seattle this week, and an iOS release will be announced soon.

He's gotten some financial support as well. Faraway has been selected as the fifth project supported by the Indie Fund, a funding source meant to offer indie game developers a little extra help with getting their games together.

It's good to see that this one is headed back towards the spotlight -- I really liked it when I saw it last year, and was a little disappointed to hear that it had been delayed. Hopefully Thirion's put together the game he wanted to make, and we'll see a full release on iOS soon.

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