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Champions Online gives players a full pack of jets

Eliot Lefebvre

Even in superhero games, people still have a deep love of jetpacks. There's something innately wonderful about the idea about strapping on a backpack and slipping the terrible dominion of gravity. That's why Champions Online has introduced a new option for travel powers for players of all types -- the jet pack. And as you would expect, it allows you to take to the skies with style and rocket-powered precision as you soar along.

It probably comes as little surprise that the pack is available in the C-Store. That being said, it's only the actual appearance of the packs is for sale -- all users have access to the Jet Pack travel power, which uses the costume parts. So if you have the urge to strap a rocket to your back and take to the air, your time is now -- and if you're not quite convinced, why not check out the video just past the break?

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