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EverQuest II beefs up its free trial


Sony Online Entertainment is going to great lengths to rope in prospective EverQuest II players, as today the company announced that it is vastly improving its free trial for the game. Assuming that you're not interested in EQII's free-to-play version, you might want to check out these changes and see if they're enough to tempt you into a taste or two.

The beefed-up trial includes two weeks -- 14 days -- of commitment-free play in the core game plus the first seven expansions up through the recent Destiny of Velious. In addition, SOE is sweetening the deal by giving trial players a Superior Experience potion that bumps up advancement for two hours as well as a Green Journeyman's Cloak that contains a respectable 25% speed boost.

It's a good of as time as any to give EverQuest II a try, especially since the much-anticipated GU61 lands on the live servers today.

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