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World of Wardrobe: Gathering tier 1

Anne Stickney

Heading back to pick up some awesome armor sets from vanilla WoW or that dazzling weapon that'll have your enemies cowering in fear? Transmogrification makes it possible -- and World of Wardrobe shows you how.

Transmogrification has created quite a stir among the World of Warcraft population; the possibility of finally being able to customize gear is awesome. It may not quite be the same as the armor dyes people were hoping for, but it still means that old armor sets will be able to be used again, and we're going to get rid of that horrible Every Raider Looks Exactly the Same syndrome that's been haunting the game since ... well, since raiding began.

Speaking of raiding, while there's a lot of green gear out there with lovely models to choose from, there are also tier sets -- most of which can still be gathered in game. While the old models may look at little dated to some, to others they represent the most iconic looks that World of Warcraft has to offer. Each set of tier can be found in different raid locations around Azeroth, and we'll be taking you to each in time. For now, let's begin at the beginning with tier 1!

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Tier 1 sets

All tier 1 sets include eight pieces, and all eight pieces can be found in the fiery depths of Molten Core. Molten Core is a level 60 raid instance on a one-week lockout. Level 85 players with appropriate gear shouldn't have a problem soloing the content here, including Ragnaros. Nothing hits hard; just be careful to clear the trash out of the way before clearing bosses, and remember to move out of fire, because fire is bad and will hurt you. Tier sets for each class are as follows:

While generally regarded as not being quite as polished as gear from tier 2, tier 1 armor was the first real set of raiding gear and, as such, was actually delineated by class. Only priests were allowed to wear Prophecy, despite other classes' being able to wear cloth. Only warriors could wear Might gear, despite being able to wear any armor class in the game. Death knights, of course, did not have a tier 1 set because in the days of Molten Core, they didn't exist in the game.

Each piece of tier 1 drops from one of several different bosses located in Molten Core. These bosses are relatively easy to solo, but if you've never been to Molten Core, you make want to check the notes for each boss just so you know what you're going up against.


For players soloing Lucifron, the only thing you need to worry about are the packs of Core Hounds roaming near Lucifron's path point. Avoid pulling the Core Hound packs along with the boss by pulling Lucifron to the back of the room. Lucifron has two adds, but a level 85 player should have absolutely no problem taking him down.

Tier dropsMagmadar

Players soloing Magmadar don't really need to worry about the boss itself -- but you'll have to fight your way through those packs of Core Hounds to get to him. There's a trick with the packs; you have to kill all hounds in a pack at roughly the same time. Once they're down, you have to wait for the bodies to smolder out. There will be an emote to indicate this, and the bodies will start despawning. If you pull another pack before the first pack has despawned, the first pack will come back to life and begin eating your face off again. Finish off the packs and Magmadar is a quick kill.

Tier drops Magmadar drops leg tier pieces for all nine classes listed above.

Other items of interest In addition to tier pieces, Magmadar drops Striker's Mark, a bony bow for ranged-wielding classes, and Eskhander's Right Claw, a fist weapon that looks like a fuzzy paw.


Gehennas is, again, pretty much a pushover; the only thing you might want to be wary of is his curse, which reduces healing effects by 75% for 5 minutes. Annoying, but it can be dispelled easily. He's accompanied by two Flamewaker Elites that can stun, but all three should be defeated in the matter of a minute or two.

Tier drops

Garr is accompanied by eight Firesworn -- little rock guys that will explode when they die. Explosions can throw you across the room and into the waiting arms of trash if you aren't careful, so be sure to kill the packs of adds around Garr's alcove before you pull him. Focus on Garr, then kill the Firesworn once he's dead.

Tier drops Garr drops tier 1 helms for all nine classes listed above.

Other items of interest Garr also has a chance to drop the Brutality Blade, a one-handed sword with a pretty cool graphic; the Aurastone Hammer, a pretty one-handed mace that glows with a white aura; the Gutgore Ripper, a really nice-looking dagger; and the Drillborer Disk, a funky shield with a spinning, fiery lava effect. In addition to all of that, Garr has a chance to drop one of the Bindings of the Windseeker needed to construct the legendary Thunderfury. Keep in mind that at this time, legendary items cannot be used for transmogrification -- but hey, if you can wield the sword, you get a cool achievement out of the deal!

Baron Geddon

Geddon patrols the area in front of Shazzrah. Clear the trash around the entrance to Shazzrah's alcove and pull Geddon there before you try to kill Shazzrah, just to avoid two bosses at once. Geddon's not very tough, but he does like to stop and cast Inferno; if he's casting Inferno, just run out of it, and resume attacking once he's done. Geddon will also target you with the Living Bomb ability; however, the damage it does to level 85 players is laughable. If you get Living Bomb, move to an area with a low ceiling so you aren't launched into the stratosphere.

Tier drops
Arcanist Mantle (mage)
Felheart Shoulder Pads (warlock)
Lawbringer Spaulders (paladin)
Cenarion Spaulders (druid)
Earthfury Epaulets (shaman)

Other items of interest Remember that Binding of the Windseeker that Garr drops? Geddon's got the other binding. However, the drop rate on these items is pretty rare -- don't expect to see both drop in one run unless you're on some sort of crazy lucky streak.

That's not everything, of course -- page 2 has the other half of Molten Core's bosses and some extras that the discerning transmogrifier may enjoy.

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