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Betawatch: August 26-September 1, 2011

Eliot Lefebvre

Welcome to Betawatch, Massively's weekly report on the state of MMO betas. In each installment, we'll report everything from the latest open betas, closed betas and even alphas in one convenient place. Plus, we'll make sure to include as much info on each game's current status, including projected release dates (if known) and links to the sign-up forms to get yourself into that beta you've been seeking.

It's been a quiet week on the beta front this week, and for good reason -- PAX Prime is going on now and Gamescom just wrapped up, and who would want a game's testing phase to be overshadowed by such large-scale announcements?

About all we can report is that Prime: Battle for Dominus has moved into its closed beta phase. However, it's functionally not all of that different from alpha, as anyone who wasn't part of the previous phase isn't getting an invite to this one. But there's still a substantial list, so go ahead and check the full rundown just past the break!

Open Beta Stage

Closed Beta Stage
Alpha Stage

OB = Open Beta, CB = Closed Beta

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