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Castle Crashers' second title update ready for download (grab your free Pink Knight!)


That's right, you can download your free Pink Knight character for Castle Crashers on Xbox Live right now but, perhaps best of all, The Behemoth promises to pledge a dollar for each of the first 50,000 downloads to the Keep A Breast Foundation. You get free game content, a charity gets free money and some women hopefully get to keep their breasts. It's win-win-win!

On top of the free Pink Knight, there's also a downloadable Blacksmith character for 160 MS Points ($2), a new Team vs Team mode for Player Match Arena and two new Avatar awards to unlock: a Cardinal Animal Orb and Knight Helmet. In addition to all of these goodies, there are also several bug fixes employed in this title update, all of which you can read about in the update notes over on The Behemoth's blog.

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