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ComiXology launches version 3.0


ComiXology has been all over the App Store, delivering comics for both DC and Marvel in their various official apps. But the company has been doing some work on its home app lately as well: Comics by ComiXology version 3.0 has hit the App Store, and brings with it a whole slew of updates and new features for the app. Most notable is probably that the application has been completely redesigned, which means its faster to load and faster to run than ever, letting you get to your favorite comics even more quickly. The app also can do background downloading of comics, and can pause or prioritize certain downloads so you can make sure to get the new issue you want right away.

There are also features to get you to the next comic in a series, even if you don't yet own it, and despite the redesign, all of the old app's mainstays are still in there. There's a nice video walkthrough of the new app hosted by CEO David Steinberger that will show off for you exactly what's new and even give some insight as to why things were designed the way they were.

Comics is a universal app free in the App Store right now, and then you can buy comics in the app via in-app purchase. Well worth a look, even if you've used it before.

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