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Crimson Alliance's strange pricing structure isn't so strange, after all


Crimson Alliance is going to cost $15 for the full game when it launches September 7 on XBLA, which isn't very weird. The game features three classes -- mercenary, wizard and assassin -- and people who only want to play one class will be able to buy a separate version of the game, with just the one class, for $10. That is weird in an "all games should be sold like this" way. We were suspicious of Crimson Alliance's pricing model back in July, and we're glad to be pleasantly surprised now.

Producer Tom Potter (he must hate J.K. Rowling) explains the pricing structure as a way for players to have "more options when buying Crimson Alliance." We see it as a way to save $5 just for knowing what we like, and that's not a bad deal.

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