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Metareview: Madden NFL 12


You already know how we feel about Madden NFL 12. But did the rest of the gaming press feel the same way about this year's virtual tailgaiting-enabler as our reviewer did? In short: kinda.
  • GameTrailers (8.5/10): "Despite the bugs and quirks, Madden NFL 12 still manages to play a convincing game of pigskin. Your tolerance for the gaffes will be directly proportional to how much you have on the line in each game. It doesn't always function realistically, but we like the idea behind dynamic player performance."
  • IGN (8.0/10): "If you're worried that EA has fumbled among the rough and tumble of sports politics, relax. Madden NFL 12 is a solid, tighter football game, even though it's a largely similar one."
  • Game Informer (7.5/10): "Like a desperate team that has stocked up on high-profile free agents thinking it's on the cusp of a championship, Madden NFL 12 looks good in practice, but where it counts it's a jumbled mess of frustration, unmet expectations, and sloppy play ... Past Maddens either delivered new features or fixed old problems, but this year you get neither. In too many instances Madden 12 takes you down promising paths that only lead to dead ends.
For more discussion, you can listen to a podcast roundtable of Madden NFL 12 reviewers featuring Mike Suszek (Joystiq), Kat Bailey (GamePro), and Rich Grisham (GamesRadar).

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