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Mid-2011 MacBook Air reportedly about to launch in China


Fortune's Apple 2.0 is reporting that the mid-2011 MacBook Air (launched just over a month ago in the US) is set to launch in China in the next week or so. According to analyst Brian White of Ticonderoga Securities, this week's Hong Kong launch of the MacBook Air was met with, "long lines and stock outs of certain new MacBook Air models," which is an indication of what's to come when the MacBook Air launches in Greater China.

White says, "Our field checks indicate that several Apple authorized resellers in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen are experiencing stock outs of the previous version of MacBook Air, which we believe is in preparation for the launch of the new MacBook Air." White goes on to say that the MacBook Air could launch "as early as next week at some stores."

Either way, with iPhone and Mac sales booming in Asia, fake Apple Stores and fake Steve Jobs biographies cropping up aplenty in China, and the ever increasing rumors surrounding the iPhone hitting China Telecom, it's clear China is going to be a large market for Apple in the future.

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