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RuneScape spices up minigames with better rewards


RuneScape, the under-the-radar MMO that keeps drawing in the crowds in mind-boggling numbers, wants everyone to enjoy the title's many minigames. While they're fun for their own sake, we're not going to sneeze at the prospect of getting a shiny trinket or two while we play -- and RuneScape has quite a few new shinies on tap for dedicated minigamers.

Jagex has added a "veritable bounty" of top-notch rewards for minigames, although these are only attainable by high-level players. These include five new sets of gear that can help boost one's skill focus (such as Runecrafting or Thieving), a cute and not-so-cuddly TzRek-Jad pet, new lunar spells, gear customization items, and more. For an infernal doggy, there's very little we wouldn't do, so we'll bet these rewards will be popular motivators.

RuneScape boasts an impressive 10 minigames, including Castle Wars, Pest Control, and the TzHaar Fight Pits.

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