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Team Ninja will consider Vita game following Ninja Gaiden 3


A Ninja Gaiden game for PlayStation Vita remains an immaterial idea while Team Ninja gets Ninja Gaiden 3 ready for its 2012 launch. The developer has received a PlayStation Vita system to test and eventually chop in half mid-air, in an incredibly expensive variant of Fruit Ninja, but hasn't progressed beyond the consideration phase.

"We've received a PlayStation Vita system and are thinking about it," said team lead Yosuke Hayashi in a recent PlayStation Q&A. "Having said that, right now we're focused on Ninja Gaiden 3 for PS3, and after that's complete we'll start to look at ideas such as bringing out Ninja Gaiden on PS Vita because of course we'd like to expand the series."

Alright, let's toss in another concept tinged with "of course." Beyond the Wii U port (and planned 3DS game), Team Ninja will need some way to sell at least one more iteration of its latest Ninja Gaiden game. A Vita port mashed up with a Greek letter seems like a solid alpha bet.

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