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The Eyeborg Documentary compares real life augments with Deus Ex biotech


Eidos Montreal commissioned a cyborg to document real-world advancements in biotechnology that could serve as precursors to the gadgets used in Deus Ex: Human Revolution, titled The Eyeborg Documentary. Why "Eyeborg," you ask? Filmmaker Rob Spence has a prosthetic eye -- but this isn't your grandma's prosthesis. Spence's is a wireless camera that transmits footage to a receiver, with no connection to his optic nerve, not to mention it looks pretty cool when he reveals it from under his eye patch.

Spence documents the height of artificial-limb and augmented-reality advancement, following a man with a computer chip behind his retina, a health-bar-encoded firefighting helmet, two men's bionic arms and three bionic legs, all in a very viewable 12-minute timeframe. We may not have machines guns in our forearms yet, but this stuff is still spectacular.

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