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PAX 2011: Guild Wars 2 to allow more open guild membership

Shawn Schuster

For the average MMO player, this isn't really news, but for Guild Wars fans, this is huge. As announced during PAX Prime this weekend, Guild Wars 2 will allow multiple guild affiliations on your game account. Each character on that account will still need to belong to the same guild (as in Guild Wars 1), but unlimited guilds per account allow you to join various groups of friends with the same characters.

As it is over any unconventional game feature, the community is split. On one hand, it will be liberating to have the opportunity to join large, small, hardcore, casual, and roleplaying guilds with the same character. But on the other hand, some players believe it will fragment dedication and dissolve the attention needed for a specific guild -- like a family.

Like we do with every newly announced feature for a high-profile MMO, we want to know how you feel about this. Let us know in the comments!

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