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Proposed Fallen Earth F2P chart separates the scavengers from the commanders


While we didn't get much out of GamersFirst at PAX this past week about Fallen Earth's plans for this fall and the free-to-play conversion, it looks like news will find a way nevertheless. Creep the Prophet posted a proposed (please note that word) membership matrix for Fallen Earth when the F2P switch is triggered.

Similar to other F2P charts we've seen, this boasts a variety of subscription levels, from the F2P "Scavenger" to the ultra-deluxe "Commander." The good news is that a majority of the game would, under this matrix, become simply free to all, including all zones, all levels, and skills. Free players will face a few restrictions, including crafting limitations, no access to global chat, only one character slot, and a slower rate of gaining XP and AP. The better subscription levels offer discounts to the game's store, faster progress in the game, monthly gifts, and a full range of features.

Subscribers will also receive an in-game "aura," that will allow them to share some of these bonuses with their less-fortunate F2P brothers and sisters.

No prices have been attached to this chart, and it could be subject to change between now and the F2P conversion, which should happen sometime between October and December.

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