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Tim Cook reportedly responding to customer emails


We'll miss a lot of things about Steve Jobs being at Apple in the CEO position, but one loss will be his tendency to answer all kinds of customer emails in person, no matter what the topic (or time of day). There's hope, though: MacRumors has our first reported "TimMail," in which new CEO Tim Cook has taken the time out to personally answer a customer emailing him congrats about his new promotion.

You can see it in the image above -- like Steve, Tim seems to be a man of few words who uses them well. The "War Eagle" cry is a reference to Cook's alma mater, Auburn University, where apparently he remains a fan. Good to see that Cook is apparently continuing the tradition of answering emails as CEO -- we'll have to see how he reacts when the messages go from simple congratulations to issues that might be a little tougher to deal with.

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