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Yale Med School students get iPads


Yale School of Medicine will supply all of its students with an iPad 2. The program is meant to reduce paper use and make course materials more accessible. The school's assistant dean for curriculum Michael Schwartz says the students will be able to keep the iPads until they graduate, and use them to download the full curriculum and patient information.

The program will distribute 520 iPads. If that sounds expensive, consider this: Dean Schwartz notes that the school spends about US$100,000 per year to copy, collate and distribute course materials. So far, he's spent about $600,000 on the iPad program. Within a few years, Schwartz notes, money saved on printing costs will pay for the initiative.

After a successful pilot program last year, the school decided on some apps to include (GoodReader among them) as well as Bluetooth keyboards. Good luck to Yale's med students, faculty and staff. May the program be a success.

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