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Dance Central choreography featured in fashionable Lanvin ad


Fashion gets fun in a new ad from Lanvin, featuring the song "I Know You Want Me" by Pitbull and uncredited choreography that should be familiar to anyone who has played Dance Central. We wanted to make sure we weren't seeing things, so we checked with Harmonix to find out if they recognized the choreo.

"It appears to be a combo of moves from a few songs off Dance Central, so they must have had the models bustin' for a while," Harmonix's communications director John Drake told Joystiq. "It's pretty clear that everyone wants to play multiplayer in Dance Central 2, whether you're wearing sweat pants or couture fashion. Though you might work up quite a sweat doing full body choreography in the fall line."

Yes, John. But we'd look fabulous doing it!

[Thanks, Victor T.]

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