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Dev Juice: Help find me a standalone property editor


"Dear Dev Juice,

With Lion and new xCode 4, Property List Editor is missing. Opening xCode to just be able to edit a plist file is not what I want.

So my question is how do you edit your plist files ? Do you know an alternative to xCode 4?



Dear Thierry,

If you don't mind converting your property lists to XML format (plutil -convert xml1 filename.plist), you can always use TextEdit to make quick changes.

However, it sounds like you're looking for a third party GUI solution. Daniel Jalkut helpfully pointed DevJuice to PlistEdit Pro. A $29.95 shareware application, PlistEdit Pro offers a standalone property list editor.

Developer Brian Webster told TUAW, "PlistEdit Pro was originally written in a fit of frustration over how bad Apple's editor was. They eventually updated it around Xcode 3.1 or so, and it was much improved, but then as you saw they pulled the standalone version with Xcode 4."

In addition to basic property list editing, PlistEdit Pro also offers a preference file browser, which scans through your user defaults library for easy browsing, adds scriptability for automatically modifying plists, and supports extended search, replace, and undo features.

Know of any other third party standalone GUI property list editors? (As opposed to plusutil, which is command-line only...) Leave a note in the comments.

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