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Ni no Kuni bundled with 'magical' PS3 in Japan


Level-5/Studio Ghibli tie-up RPG Ni no Kuni ("The Another World") comes with a deluxe spellbook on DS. Its PS3 counterpart one-ups the DS version when it hits Japan on November 17, by optionally bundling a whole PS3.

The Ni no Kuni "Magical Edition" bundle will include the game and a special white and gold PS3, according to leaks from this week's Famitsu. It'll sell for ¥33,780 ($440). PS3 games are region free, so if you decide to import this from The Another World of Japan, you'll at least be able to play your local PS3 games on it. There's still no word on a localization for either Ni no Kuni game.

[Image: Andriasang]

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