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Openwave accuses Apple and RIM of patent infringement


This story is getting familiar enough that you could generate Mad Libs out of it. Company you've never heard of is accusing successful, household name corporations of infringing its patents on drop-dead obvious features that devices have had for years and is seeking an injunction on device imports unless the "infringing" companies agree to surrender their lunch money pay licensing fees.

In this case the company you've never heard of is Openwave, and according to GigaOM it's accusing Apple and RIM of infringing patents on these features:

  • Allows a user to use e-mail applications on a mobile device when the network is unavailable – such as when a user is on an airplane.
  • Allows the mobile device to operate seamlessly, and securely, with a server over a wireless network.
  • Allows access to updated versions of applications on mobile devices.
  • Allows consumers to experience an improved user experience in navigating through various pages of information without delay.
  • Enables data in the cloud to be accessed or shared by different devices such as mobile handsets or computers.

No word on why only Apple and RIM have been singled out, as these are features included in virtually every single smartphone manufacturer's devices today. Openwave's release basically claims that it invented both mobile internet browsing and photo messaging in 1997 and 2001 respectively, so it's also unclear why the company has waited this long to recoup the "losses" it's incurred due to "infringement" on its intellectual property. So it goes.

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