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Sony shares price and details on PlayStation certified Tablets S and P, coming later this year


Sony has confirmed prices and dates for its two PlayStation certified tablet computers, both coming out later this fall. The Tablet S is the more traditional tablet, with one screen and 16 or 32GB of storage, and will be out in September starting at $499. But the Tablet P is the more interesting option, offering two 5.5" display screens hinged together. Both tablets will use the Nvidia Tegra 2 chip architecture, sport dual cameras, and run Android-based software.

They'll also be fully compatible with Sony's services, including Video Unlimited and Music Unlimited, and they'll both play games from the Android Marketplace as well as run PSOne titles released for PlayStation-certified hardware. Both will come standard with Pinball Heroes and Crash Bandicoot ready to go, though the P will put controls on the bottom screen, leaving gameplay up on top.

The Tablet P will hit European shelves in November – North American details haven't been announced just yet. You can get a closer look at both devices in the gallery below and head over to Engadget for hands-on impressions of the Tablet S.

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