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We're live from IFA 2011!

Zach Honig

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Guten tag, Berlin! We'll be sending you live updates from the German capital all this week as we explore IFA, the country's absolutely monstrous consumer electronics trade show. This year, 3D, smartphones and Android tablets are all the rage, and we're expecting a generous spattering of product announcements in the days to come. So pack up the laptop, head over to your local biergarten and grab a brezel and brat as you sit back and enjoy the slew of hands-ons and liveblogs that'll be hitting the site later this week. And you may want to cancel those weekend plans as well -- we'll be posting gadgets directly from the show floor all day Friday and Saturday. Danke schön!

Protip: Use our "ifa2011" tag to see this week's hottest IFA news!

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