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Luvinia Online announces open beta date


Outspark announced in a press release today that the open beta test for its upcoming MMORPG Luvinia Online will begin on September 7th. Alongside this announcement, the company also released a short community Q&A to provide prospective players with some information about the game.

Players are given the choice of one of three starting classes: Rogue, Warrior, or Magician. From there, each class branches off into one of two advanced classes, and then branches a second time into the final advanced class, giving players plenty of opportunities to refine their style of play. The game also features an auto-questing system, which provides players with automatic navigation to their quest objectives. The company is also running a number of events to celebrate the launch of the game's open beta, such as the Raffle of LUV contest, which enters each player who reaches level 40 during the open beta into a raffle for prizes such as an iPad 2, a Nintendo 3DS, and copious amounts of SparkCash. To get in on the open beta, and to get your chance at these faaaabulous prizes, just sign up at the game's official site.

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