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'Onechanbara Z: Kagura' to make a bloody mess on Xbox


D3 Publisher is reportedly working on yet another Onechanbara game, the second for Xbox 360. Onechanbara Z: Kagura replaces the familiar cast of characters (bikini-clad, katana-wielding Aya, her sister Saki, and cloned Reiko) with vampires named Kagura and Saaya. Don't worry; we're sure they'll be inappropriately dressed as well. We're sure the rest of the game will match up with what we know from the series: thousands of easily-killed zombies surrounding you at all times.

The Xbox-exclusive game will be released in Japan this winter. An "Onechanbara 2" listing was found earlier this summer on, suggesting that D3 is planning a western release as well. D3 is likely crunching to get it done as soon as possible, as it'll face competition from another "cute girl slashing zombies" game – one that has the potential to actually be good, instead of "so bad it's good."

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