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Sega reveals Brick People and Samurai Bloodshow for iOS


Sega's two newest iPhone games are really only similar in that Sega announced them at roughly the same time -- they make for a weird juxtaposition. Brick People is an adaptation of a cute arcade game about stacking physical blocks to guide on-screen characters -- of course, now, the blocks are virtual too.

Samurai Bloodshow is a card-based war game made in a traditional Japanese art style. Do you want to see pastel bricks or vintage murder? Your choice!

You can catch a Samurai Bloodshow today on iPhone or iPad for two bucks. Brick People will finally climb up to the App Store sometime this fall.

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SAN FRANCISCO & LONDON - September 1, 2011
SEGA® of America, Inc. and SEGA® of Europe Ltd. is proud to announce their Samurai BloodShow App for iPad™, iPhone® and iPod® touch is now available on the App Store. Eager generals are tasked to build an army of katana-wielding warriors, horsemen, sorcerers and even scantily clad samurais, and mobilize them strategically to defend their honor in twelfth-century feudal Japan.

Within the game, players battle enemy armies across 100 different levels, deploying their warriors strategically to maximize decapitations and defend their army general. By winning battles, players earn rarer, more powerful warriors which they can build into their deck. If players want to acquire new warriors prior to winning these battles, they can also purchase them via In-App Purchases.

Test your army's might in a face-off against close rivals via a local Bluetooth connection, or challenge a mysterious opponent online via Game Center.

The Samurai BloodShow App is available for $1.99 from the App Store on iPad, iPhone or iPod touch or at

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SAN FRANCISCO & LONDON - August 31, 2011
SEGA® of America, Inc. and SEGA® Europe Ltd. today announced that Brick People™, a unique arcade title with a blend of physical and digital gameplay, is coming to iPhone®, iPod® touch, and iPad™ this fall. Brick People, a new family-friendly game played by stacking actual bricks in front of a video screen, has become a smash hit in arcades. Now, SEGA is bringing the fun of Brick People to mobile touch screens, allowing new audiences the chance to digitally stack and snack with the game's hungry little creatures.

"Players of all ages have really gotten hooked on Brick People in arcades," said Haruki Satomi, Vice President of Digital Business at SEGA of America. "The concept of using actual bricks to play a video game is unique, but it's instantly accessible, like handing somebody a set of blocks. It's a timeless activity that resonates with everybody, and we know it's going to translate well to touch-screens."

Brick People tasks players with minding the game's titular aliens, helping them reach an assortment of tasty snacks by building brick structures for them to climb. Builders will also have to keep an eye out for the Brick Monster, who will demand that players complete specific buildings in exchange for more game time. Brick People contains the following features:

Tactile Gameplay: Build towers and bridges for the Brick People by pulling bricks from the stack and dropping them into place, using the iOS' multi-touch interface
Build with a Buddy: Compete head-to-head via Wi-Fi to out-build your friends, or compete on a single device in the iPad version
See How You Stack Up: Build your Brick People reputation by going for high scores on the Game Center leaderboards, and tweet your tallest towers

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