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Celebrate World of Tanks' Labor Day events with a giveaway from Massively!

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

The folks at have been pretty busy with World of Tanks events lately, and they're not planning to slow down any time soon. This holiday weekend will feature some fun events on the North American servers, giving players in the US even more of a reason to play during the long weekend.

Here at Massively we've got a little something extra to help you celebrate: a gift package containing 500 gold, 20,000 credits, and one day of premium account access during which you'll gain a 50% boost to XP and credits earned. The package is valid on all accounts, new or old.

Simply visit our giveaway page to pick up your key, apply it on the World of Tanks promo code page, and enjoy!

[Sorry, all codes have been claimed]

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